Born in the early 80‘s I 20th century, Jasmin Liebetrau grew up in the pragmatic-minimalistic surrounding of Eastern Europe with an international rooted mix of relatives and ancestors, who officially were used to be progressive in times of ups and times of downs since the 16th century.
Very soon attracted by different noticed languages, which gave reasons for linguistic interests – the notable choice to take Latin lessons for more than 5 years wasn‘t very surprising. To develop first semiotic systems, aged 3, just a little. After successfully attending excellent and specialized educational programmes in fields like media design and visual communication until 2002, the decision to cover stated skills and points of interest in the most possible combination of interdisciplinary studies and categories at HAWK was compulsory.

enkephalonmutation | cereboretum

Current studies in different categories at the same time are usually based on the ability to re-engineer underlaying methodologies of systemic and exposed concepts, which are suitable to adapt and apply elements for generating corrected combinations, creating aggregations, sometimes selfmodified extractions. status quo 2024.